About me

I live in small town USA which means it is a lot like mayberry but without Andy.  We have 256 people living here and one of the largest antique stores in the state and one of the best restaurants around with yummy pies, a great dress shop, and a service station.  You have to drive 5 miles to a grocery store but that is OK cause you get used to it.

I divorced after a 40 year marriage but we are still best friends, yes hard to believe because most people can’t do this. I feel like after 40 years even though I don’t want to live with him I will always love him and we each will always be there for the other.  To much history not to be friends.   I remarried about 4 years ago to someone who is my opposite in many ways but so much alike in others.   I have never lived outside of Arkansas and he is from Northern British Columbia Canada.  I am one of two kids and he is one of 17 kids.  Pretty different right there.  You will learn more later.

2 Responses to About me

  1. snoogiefisk says:

    I think Ski should get a medal or something. 40 years is a loooooooong time!

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