I guess there is a time for all of us that a little thing happens but it changes you forever. I had one of those moments I will never forget.  i had started working for AT&T as a clerk many moons ago.  An insident happened where a manager in my department did something behind my back that caused a lot of confusion for a customer.  The manager was trying to blame the screw up on me instead of accepting the blame.  I went to my supervisor and told her what happened and she sat and listened to the whole story and then asked me calmly what I had done about it.  I looked at her like she had two heads cause I was coming to her to fix it.  She told me that if I planned to make a career with the company that I could not allow someone to run over me.  I had to stand up for myself!!!!! Looking back I know she was telling me of her experiences as a woman working in what was then a mans world.  I took a deep breath and put on my big girl panties and walked into the maagers office and proceeded to tell him exactly what I thought of him and told how unprofessional he was.  I left his office proud of myself until a few minutes later I was called into his bosses office.  The manager had run to his boss complaining about me.  I thought oh shit but held my head high and went in and told the whole story.  He had to agree with me but just told me that i should be more diplomatic and show some respect for the manager cause he was higher up the food chain than I was.    That was the day I learned to stand up to a bully.  I never really mastered diplomacy nor calling someones hand that was above me in the work force and by now it is to late for me to even attempt to learn.  If a wrong is being done then I don’t hesitate to stand up to anyone about it.  I learned this lesson well and not a day goes by that I do not think about the wisdom that was provided to me and how it impacted the rest of my life so I was not anyone’s doormat.

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Live in a Mayberry type town, however, Andy does not live here. Small town life is wonderful.
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  1. oldmainer says:

    This is not just a female thing. I worked in a corporate environment surrounded by college grads and I had a high school diploma. I needed that same push to start standing up for myself. Turns out, once I did, I started to command a little respect and my education (of lack of it) was no longer an issue. Retired as a manager with the same company 37 years later.

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